3ds Max Tutorial: Generating Grass with Hair and Fur

Earlier this week, we provided you with some simple tips for greater productivity in 3ds Max. Now, we are going to continue the theme with this 3ds Max tutorial that teaches you how to make your grass look more realistic than ever with the Hair and Fur features in 3ds Max.

While you could use a texture map to create grass in 3ds Max, this method will not give you the 3D appearance that you are after.

Texture map without Hair and Fur added

By using the Hair and Fur tools, however, you can transform your texture map into something much more realistic.

Start by adding the Hair and Fur World-Space modifier, which will automatically populate your object with hair.

3ds max hair image 2

Now, you can make the hair look more like grass by reducing the Hair Segments, the Cut Length, and the Root Thickness. To make your lawn a bit lusher, increase the Count and Root Splay values in the Multi Strand Parameters roll out. Finally, use the Tip Color and Root Color swatches to give your scene just the grass-like color you want.

3ds max grass 02

Find out more about creating grass with the Hair and Fur tools, including optimal rendering settings by watching the 3ds Max tutorial video below.

For more Autodesk tutorials, head to our CADLearning YouTube page.

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