Merging Objects in 3ds Max Part 1

In this lesson, you are working in a landscape scene that does not yet contain any buildings. The storyboard calls for the creation of a hilly landscape with a roadway and some buildings. You are creating the landscape. Assume that a second team has been working on the buildings. You will use the File Merge command to merge the buildings into the landscape.

Click the Application button and select Import > Merge from the application menu.

Understanding 2D and 3D Objects in 3ds Max

The program displays the Merge File dialog. Locate the file “Ch03_Buildings.max” and either double-click on the file or select it and click Open. Instead of opening the file, the program displays the Merge dialog, which contains a list of all the objects in the scene that can be merged. There are a number of buildings and a chimney. Suppose you do not need the chimney. Note that you can always merge it later if you change your mind.

In the dialog, you need only select the objects that you want to merge. Click to select “Building01” and then drag down to highlight all of the buildings through “Building35”. Then, click OK.

Understanding 2D and 3D Objects in 3ds Max

This brings the buildings into the scene. Notice that they are already positioned at the proper location because the second team knew what the landscape was going to look like, and all of the objects are automatically selected when they are imported. Now is a great time to create a named selection set for the buildings.

Understanding 2D and 3D Objects in 3ds Max

Join us next week for the continuation of Merging Objects!

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