Understanding 2D and 3D Objects in 3ds Max

Once you have created 2D shapes and 3D polygon objects, you are ready to learn how to combine 2D shapes with 3D polygon objects. You will use an option called the compound objects shaped merger. This option enables you to project 2D shapes into a 3D poly object and cut new edges into the geometry. This will define a new complex polygon set that will be the shape of a road cut into the surface of the landscape. The new edges in the geometry are based on the 2D shape.

Understanding 2D and 3D Objects in 3ds Max

Once created, you can then select those new polygons and align them to a grid in the scene. This will also provide an opportunity to learn about the concept of material ID numbers.

The resulting scene will include a landscape with a new road cut into it. You will then be able to change the material ID of the polygons so that the road can receive a different material than the rest of the landscape.

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