Adding AutoCAD Annotations in AutoCAD MEP

mep annotations

No matter how much you use AutoCAD MEP to produce your construction documents, you will still use some basic AutoCAD Annotation tools. The most common two are the Multileader command and the Dimensioning tools.

In all worksets, you can find these tools on the Annotate tab of the ribbon. Clicking the Leaders tool will activate the MLeader tool, which will place the leader. If you pull straight up, you will place a landing where you can type a description. Pressing Enter will cause the text to wrap. The size of the text is determined by the scale.

To add some dimensions, choose the AEC Dimension Interior tool. This tool is an enhanced version of the standard AutoCAD dimensions that works with object-based geometry.

Another neat feature is the Dimension tool located on the Annotate tab. As you move your cursor over a circular or radial shape, a preview of the dimension appears. You can toggle between radius and diameter, which helps you save a great deal of time.

To see these handy tools in action, check out the video below.


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