Top 10 Reasons We Love Dynamo – Part One

Part one of our Dynamo countdown

10. We can access Revit through the API! And who knows how to do that without Dynamo?!

If you’re like me, then you’ve thought, “I wish I knew .NET programming so that I could work with the Revit API. That way, I can do all the things I want to do!” With Dynamo, any Revit user can access the Revit API and work with Revit in ways that the user interface does not allow.

9. Visual programming sounds so much easier than .NET programming.

In Dynamo, users can place nodes and then wire them together with connectors. While users still have to have a programming mindset when working with Dynamo, they do not have to know a programming language that can be difficult for non-programmers. With visual programming, the typical Revit user with little to no programming background can quickly pick up on creating programs in Dynamo.

8. Programmers and non-programmers can work together and understand each other!

Typically, non-programmers have no idea what programmers are talking about. They just think differently, right? But Dynamo brings some commonality between these two groups of people. And the outcome is a glorious thing!

7. We are able to link parameters together in ways that we cannot in Revit.

With the addition of global parameters in Revit, you can link some parameters together. However, there are still limitations. With Dynamo, you can read any parameter value from Revit and use it to set another parameter value. You can also use it in a formula to set another parameter value. This allows you to take parametric models to the next level.

6. We are able to perform calculations with the information in a model.

Sure, you can perform calculations in Revit, but once again, there are limitations. With Dynamo, you can extract information and perform calculations. Or, you can export information to Excel and then perform calculations in Excel. Whether it be room areas, window-to-wall ratios, outside air requirements, or even plumbing calculations, you can use Dynamo to help.

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