Using the Free Move Command in Inventor: Part 2

Continuing from our Part 1 of our blog post last week on Using the Free Command option, lets jump in to part 2!

Notice that the Ram snaps back to the Arbor Press. When the Free Move command is no longer active, the first time a part that was moved receives focus, it snaps back into place. Also notice that because the Ram now has an active Mate relationship with the Table Plate, it can no longer be moved by dragging the cursor.

Look to see what information the Free Move command now displays. Click the Free Move command in the Position panel again, and the drag the Ram out of place. Notice that there is now a rubber band from the Ram to the Table Plate as well as the two you saw earlier.

Using the Free Move Command in Inventor: Part 2

Right-click the Relationship icon on the Table Plate, and now from within the Marking menu, you can again suppress the Height relationship.

Using the Free Move Command in Inventor: Part 2

Click Suppress and notice that the relationship is again dimmed in the browser and that the rubber bands are back to the way they looked the first time you saw them.
Pull several more parts off of the assembly and then click any part. No matter how many parts were dragged out of place, the same relationship information is present.

Using the Free Move Command in Inventor: Part 2

Yet it can be viewed from a different perspective. Press ESC to end the command., Then, give one of the parts a nudge with the cursor. Everything snaps back into place instantly.

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