Are Your 3D Design Skills Ready?

3D printing is a breakthrough for rapid prototyping and low-volume production runs, as well as makers, creators, and artists, and is well-suited for medical and aerospace manufacturing.

Here’s the gotcha: you need a CAD design to use a 3D printer. Sure, you can try 3D scanning, downloading 3D files, or using photo-based apps, but you won’t get good results. To get a good prototype or salable product, you are going to need a professionally-designed CAD model, which means you need to be skilled in using AutoCAD.

Use CADLearning tutorials to bring your 3D design skills up to speed so you can take advantage of this exciting, new opportunity! CADLearning for Autodesk 3ds Max includes training and tutorials for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users of the software. The lessons demonstrate how to use tools for 3D modeling, rendering, compositing, pre-production planning, and more. You’ll learn how to apply materials and avoid long render times. The new AutoCAD 2014 course has over 748 video lessons and 48 hours of content.

Autodesk’s 123D suite of apps include:  123D Catch to turn photos into 3D models; 123D Creature to create and 3D print fantastic creatures and character models; 123D Design to model on the MAC, PC, iPad and Web; 123D Make to create DIY objects from 3D models; and 123D Sculpt to shape, form, sculpt, and paint 3D models on your iPad.

Aiming at makers, creators, and artists, a series of new Autodesk 123D memberships and premium bundles was just announced, featuring the MakerBotTM Replicator desktop 3D printer, with a resolution capability of 100 microns and a 410 cubic inch build volume, and a new 3D Print Utility accessible from the 123D apps.

With CADLearning you get comprehensive, self-paced learning products and solutions for architecture, engineering, and 3D design software from Autodesk. Our learning is created by experts and can be used as a self-paced course, an ongoing resource, or a help tool. Build your skills by completing exercises that follow along with our videos. Track your progress with the skills and knowledge-based assessments in our online courses. To stay current on CADLearning news, sign up for our free newsletter.

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