Beyond LMS – the future of CADLearning

Over the past 12 months, we have worked to stabilize and improve our main learning delivery platform, a popular web-based Learning Management System (LMS) which we have customized.

LMSs are useful for many organizations because they provide a “kitchen sink” approach, combining various capabilities including delivering the learning resources themselves, managing learner user accounts, some level of activity reporting, and perhaps assessments and other related capabilities.

This combined approach is advantageous for settings where relative simplicity is more important than advanced customization, sophisticated reporting and analytics, or powerful integration abilities. For example, many secondary schools and institutions of higher learning use LMS systems due to this combined approach.

While our web LMS has served our customers and 4D well for the last several years, we are bumping up against the inherent limitations of this approach, especially in:

  1. providing more sophisticated and unified reporting that tracks learner activities across all our learning platforms
  2. enabling modern single sign-on (SSO) scenarios
  3. accommodating various cross-organization or cross-system data sharing or integration needs
  4. providing the best mobile user experience

So, while we know that our current web platform has served well, we are building a next-generation learning delivery ecosystem. Our goals are to combine best-of-breed capabilities into an integrated delivery experience, tied together with unified login and reporting, while preserving our ability to enhance individual capabilities faster and to integrate better with our customers and partners.

4D will continue to support our current LMS platform for at least the next 18-24 months. Our new capabilities will be available in addition to, not instead of, our current LMS platform. We are working hard to ensure the same usernames and passwords can be used everywhere, and to minimize or avoid customer inconvenience.

Please contact us anytime with questions, suggestions, or feedback. Thank you for your support and your business, and check back on our blog for ongoing learning delivery and technology updates!

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