Learning is a Process, Not an Event. How CADLearning Supports the One World Schoolhouse

“The old classroom model simply doesn’t fit our changing needs. It’s a fundamentally passive way of learning, while the world requires more and more active processing of information.”

—    Salman Khan, “The One World Schoolhouse”

As a CAD, BIM or Design Manager, trying to keep your employees current with the changes in Autodesk software can be a daunting task. First, you have to take employees off ongoing projects to learn how to use the upgrades; second you probably have to send them off to be trained – and that costs money. And even more precious than money, is number of days employees spend away from projects while attending CAD training. CADLearning tools for Autodesk enable you to get your designers trained – and certified – on Autodesk software at a lower cost, in less time and with fewer support calls.

Education for Anyone, Anywhere

CADLearning comprehensive self-paced learning features expert instructors, hands-on practice and follows the Khan Academy philosophy of “education for anyone anywhere.” We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach: Your engineers will get up to speed quickly using interactive materials that measure individual progress and are customized to your needs. Because the learning is always accessible online, each employee can go at his or her own pace, 24/7, from almost anywhere.

The Flipped Classroom

Like the Khan Academy model, CADLearning offers video tutorials and assessments and allows you to keep track of progress that’s been made by your employees. Instructors can use pre-training assessment results to provide a “flipped classroom” experience – students learn standard lessons on their own – and classroom time is focused on topics needing more attention.  The end result? Employees learn more relevant information during shorter classroom sessions, and spend more time on the creative work that’s the fuel for your company’s engine.

In “The One World Schoolhouse,” Salman Khan presents a simple thesis: We learn best when we learn actively and at our own pace, mastering each new skill before proceeding to the next.

With more than 25,000 video tutorials for over 25 Autodesk products, we have the best and broadest e-learning for Autodesk software anywhere.  Keep your engineering team current without sacrificing productivity and money, get started with CADLearning today:

  • Autodesk Training – course descriptions for new Autodesk Training Courses – step through lesson by lesson or find how-to information fast with our unique advanced search.
  • Autodesk Video Tutorials from CADLearning - 24/7 – anytime, anywhere – online subscription packages offer unlimited use of our self-paced courses including video tutorials, exercise files and self-assessments.
  • CADLearning Enterprise Edition - reduce training costs with a hosted learning management system for your company – combine CADLearning tutorials, assessments and searchable lessons with your own content to provide an exceptional standard of engineering training to your global engineering teams.

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