Assigning an Object to an Animation Path in Maya

Last week we Discovered Path Animation. This week we will be covering the process of assigning an object to an animation path. First pick the object that will be animated. Keep in mind that the object will be animated from its pivot point. If you need the object to animate from a specific point, you can either adjust its pivot point location or create a hierarchy using another object such as a locator object, to provide an alternate animation point.

Assigning an Object to an Animation Path in Maya

After the object is selected, the curve that will be used as the animation path needs to be selected. It is very important that this path curve is comprised of only one continuous curve. That curve may be open or closed.

Assigning an Object to an Animation Path in Maya

The final step is to attach the object to the path and configure how the object will run along the path. Objects can be set up to automatically follow the path, changing their pitch and banking based on the curvature of the path. Or, they can simply move along the path, and any other changes can be manually animated.

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