Retiming an Animation in Maya

The Animation Retiming tool allows you to quickly and easily select a time in an animation and adjust the time to make it faster or slower. The retimer can be used on individual tracks, as well as the entire animation, depending on your needs.
This file is the hangar bay with an added hover truck animated driving up to the front of the spaceship as it lands. However, this file contains an animation timing error. Click and drag the Time Slider forward to view the animation of the truck. Notice that, in the camera view, the truck starts out very fast, but then pauses to wait for the spaceship. Click and drag the Time Slider a few more frames, and you will see that the truck continues on to its parking spot.

The problem you need to fix is the truck speed and the timing of the pause. To accomplish this, you first want to select the Hover_Truck in the Interior_CAM viewport.

Retiming an Animation in Maya

From the Main menu, Choose Window > Animation Editors > Graph Editor. When the Graph Editor opens, click Frame All from the Graph Editor toolbar.

Retiming an Animation in Maya

Before you continue, you may need to move the location of the Graph Editor so that you can see the Interior_CAM Viewport. You only need to retime the selected objects’ animation. On the Graph Editor toolbar, click Retime Tools, the fifth icon in from the left.
Retiming an Animation in Maya

Immediately, you will see a command telling you to double-click to add multiple retime markers. You will need to add three retime markers. The first needs to be at about Frame 180. Double-click at Frame 180 in the curve view. This places the first of the three markers.

At this point, if all you wanted to do is change the timing of the animation, you could click on the thicker section of the marker and slide the marker left or right. Or, if you need to change the frame the marker is placed on, you could click and drag the thinner portion to slide the marker without retiming the animation.

However, in this exercise, you want to adjust the timing of the animation up to Frame 800, so you can add a second marker at Frame 800. Double-click again at about Frame 800 to add the second marker. Again, you can grab the thick section of the marker to retime the animation, or the thin portion to adjust the marker’s frame position.

Double-click one more time in the middle of the plateau, at about Frame 300. This adds the third marker that you will use to the adjust the timing. Keep in mind, the more markers you add, the more control you have over the retiming of the animation. Now, click and drag the thick section of the middle marker right to about Frame 380.

Right-click in the Interior_CAM viewport and scrub the Time Slider through the entire animation. Now the truck takes a little longer to reach its first stop. And if the timing is correct, it just barely makes it under the spaceship before the ship lands.

Retiming an Animation in Maya
Scrub the Time Slider through the entire animation to see the updates.
As you can see, with only a few steps you have retimed the animation and fixed a potential problem.

Join us next week for more Maya tips!

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