Using Keyframes in Graph Editor in Maya

There are two Keyframes represented by small black dots on each end of the line. The first, at 0,0 represents the beginning of the path, and the second at Frame 700 represents the ship at the end of the path. Your task is to modify the last Keyframe and adjust the tangent type for the Keyframe. To do this, click and drag around the last Keyframe at the upper-right of the visible graph area to select it. From the Graph Editor toolbar, click Flat Tangents.

You should notice two things happen. The first is that the shape of the curve for the animation changes to indicate that the spaceship will be slowing down as it moves into the second Keyframe. And second, if you paid attention in the viewport, you should have noticed that the spaceship moved along the path. This is because the spaceship object is now moving along the path at a different speed than it was previously. A side effect of this is that the doors are now closed just a little bit more than they were before.

Using Keyframes in Graph Editor in Maya

Close the Graph Editor, then right-click in the camera viewport.
In the animation controls, click the Go to start of playback range button to set the animation back to Frame 1. Now click Play to play the animation back.

What you should now see is the spaceship come in and slow down as it settles to the platform. You have just modified the speed of an object along a path by changing the tangent of one of its Keyframes.

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