5 Take-Aways from This Year’s RTC NA

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Our Subject Matter Experts Jason Boehning, Heidi Boutwell, and David Cohn just got back from Arizona, where they attended RTC NA 2016. Here are five of their favorite take-aways from this incredible event.

  1. Sessions at RTC included more than 100 classes and hands-on labs presented by 85 different speakers, including Jason Boehning and Heidi Boutwell.
  2. The Keynote Address by Ashraf Habibullah really got everybody fired up. Notable quotes from the address included: “Engineers save lives every time the wind blows” and “Technology makes things work. Art makes things beautiful.”
  3. Everybody is excited about Dynamo! Programming is bound to be a major part of the future of design. This year at RTC, there were numerous sessions focused on computational design, and even generative design. While Dynamo was at the center of most of these, traditional programming was at the heart of others.
  4. Photogrammetry is making a huge splash in the building world.
  5. Arizona was hot, but that didn’t stop the party. A sampling of the events included a party hosted by Habibullah included a Katy Perry cover band, a pool party, a FlowRider surf machine, and much more.

Read more about RTC NA 2016 in Issue 15 of The Blast!

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