A 3D Printed Future: 10 Surprising Things We Could See Printed Soon

“It is the dawn of the era of 3D printing. From artificial prosthetics to very real human kidneys to filigree skull sculptures – the number and variety of applications for this technology are growing, layer by printed layer. Combine this with the decreasing cost of owning a printer, as well as the cheaper cost of manufacturing in general, and it appears that 3D printers are here to stay. So, why stop at a kidney?” asks Becky Chung on the TED blog.

The ten “revolutionary visions” she describes include:

  1. A jumbo jet proposed by Bastian Schaefer of Airbus
  2. Rocket parts being built now by NASA
  3. Handguns from Defense Distributed
  4. Meat and leather by US startup Modern Meadow
  5. Virtually any food
  6. A house made in a 6-meter tall printer in Amsterdam
  7. Liquid metal parts being researched at North Carolina State University
  8. Bionic ear that can hear radio waves, and titanium jaw bone
  9. High fashion
  10. A Moon base being developed by architecture firm Foster + Partners and The European Space Agency

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