An AutoCAD for Every Design and Creation Suite

It’s finally here! Yesterday morning Autodesk announced the latest releases of their 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. We’ve been eagerly anticipating the Autodesk announcement so we can share more about the Autodesk 2016 releases, our latest content development season and the soon to be announced CADLearning Release Roadmap for Autodesk 2016.

As you may know, AutoCAD 2016  shipped in March. Our very own David Cohn provided a first look and discussed some of the AutoCAD wish list items from AUGI that were added in the 2016 release year.

Some interesting news that came out Monday about the Design Suite and Creation Suites is that each one will include AutoCAD 2016, ReCap and 3ds Max.

We’re used to seeing continuous improvement in the Autodesk products. This year they’re touting “expanded toolsets, unique interoperability and a consistent user experience.” They are living up to their cloud, mobile and collaboration mission with “a connected desktop and cloud user experience”.

Now that we can talk Autodesk 2016, expect a lot more from us about new releases of our Autodesk 2016 learning resources, including videos for new features in 2016 and much more!

Leave me a note about the products you’re most excited about and others you are eager to learn.

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