AutoCAD 2016 New Features – Getting What You Wish For

Have you ever come up with an idea for a feature or function you thought would make AutoCAD more useful?

This week, we’ll look at several new features in AutoCAD 2016 that came about thanks to the requests of users. Each year at Autodesk University, AUGI (Autodesk User Group International) presents Autodesk with its wish list, a collection of features and functions suggested by users and voted on by its members.

It’s A Snap

Most users know that object snap is crucial to creating accurate AutoCAD drawings. The original two-dimensional object snap functionality—snapping to endpoint of lines, centers of circles and arc, and so on—were originally introduced in AutoCAD version 2.0 back in October 1984. Later releases added 3D osnap capabilities. Therefore, you might have believed there wasn’t much more that could be done to improve AutoCAD’s object snap tools. Well, think again!

AutoCAD 2016 introduces an entirely new 2D object snap move. A new geometric center object snap—item #2 on the AUGI wish list—enables you to snap to the geometric center of polygons and closed polylines. There is also a new glyph so you can differentiate between the new geometric center object snap and the normal center osnap.

AutoCAD 2016 New Features fig-05

Revised Revision Clouds

AutoCAD has long had a Revision Cloud command, but it offered few options. Basically, you could sketch a freehand revision cloud. If you ever needed to revise an existing revision cloud, it was usually easier to erase the existing cloud and start over. Happily, those days are over.

The new Revision Cloud tool in AutoCAD 2016, accessible from the Annotate ribbon, lets you create rectangular, polygonal, or freehand clouds. It remembers the last method you used, or you can set your own preferred default by using the new REVCLOUDCREATEMODE system variable.

AutoCAD 2016 New Features fig-06

But perhaps most importantly, whether you create rectangular, polygonal, or freehand revision clouds, or convert an existing object into a revision cloud, you can now use grips to modify existing revision clouds.

AutoCAD 2016 New Features fig-07

In addition to easier editing with grips, a new Modify option enables you to draw new revision cloud segments and erase selected portions of existing revision clouds. This was the #4 AUGI wish list request.

AutoCAD 2016 New Features fig-08

Text Borders

Text frames represent another new AutoCAD 2016 feature added thanks to AUGI. You can now easily add a border around any multiline text object, satisfying request #5 on the AUGI wish list.

AutoCAD 2016 New Features fig-09

We have still only scratched the surface of what’s new in AutoCAD 2016. In the weeks to come, I will show you more of the new features in AutoCAD 2016 and tell you how to make the best use of the many new capabilities.

Stay tuned here, and be sure to follow CADLearning on Twitter for all of the latest new about Autodesk 2016.

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