Five Things We Learned in Issue 17 of The Blast


  1. The military and researchers have been using Augmented Reality (AR) technology since the mid-1970s as Helmet Mounted Displays for sighting targets.

  3. The powerful program that we now know as Revit had surprisingly humble beginnings. Charles River Software, the company that initially developed Revit, started in a home office, before moving to a space over a Domino’s Pizza in Wellesley, MA.

  5. Designs created in FormIt 360 can easily be moved into Revit, where solids can be translated into mass families, levels can be converted into floors, and sketched elements can be converted into native Revit geometry.

  7. Autodesk is transitioning the newer 360 products into a gamer-style setup.

  9. 3D printers are encouraging architecture and engineering students to experiment with new forms and materials.

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