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When designing a building or renovating an interior to obtain LEED NC 2.2 EQ credit 8.1 certification in AutoCAD, analysis options are limited.

CADLearning Expert Solution: Import your AutoCAD drawing into 3ds Max to perform daylight simulation analysis, which will help you determine whether or not sufficient sunlight will enter the building.

Lighting analysis is used by designers, architects and engineers for a variety of purposes. A lighting designer may use lighting analysis to ensure that there’s enough light reaching a particular surface, and that the lighting matches the architect’s desired aesthetic. An Engineer may use lighting analysis from a more technical standpoint – he or she may be concerned with whether or not the light in a workspace meets various workplace standards for minimum of illumination values.

Designs can be tested and evaluated using the lighting analysis tools. 3ds Max provides a useful interface for daylight simulation and lighting analysis, which is integrated into the main toolbar. These lighting analysis tools utilize the accuracy of the daylight system, in conjunction with mental ray and the mental ray photographic exposure controls, to provide an accurate simulation of daylight and artificial lighting in an environment.

3ds Max’s daylight analysis is used for a wide variety of reasons, including sun and shadow studies and glare analysis. Daylight analysis is especially important for LEED daylight credits toward green building certification.

Daylight simulation in 3ds Max has been validated by the National Research Council of Canada. It has been tested for daylight rendering through multiple configurations, including such things as glazing options for windows, different shade options, such as vertical or horizontal blinds, light shelves and other shading options, as well as the inclusion of skylights in the building design.

-          Steven Schain, Media and Entertainment Content Manager

CADLearning Playlist of the Week: Analyze lighting for your AutoCAD drawings in 3ds Max

  1. Linking to an AutoCAD Model
  2. Applying Materials to an AutoCAD Model
  3. Discovering Daylight
  4. Placing a Daylight System
  5. Adjusting Location
  6. Adjusting the Physical Sky
  7. Simulations that Look More LIfelike

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