Make Civil Engineering Presentations Pop


Problem: Civil engineers often report that they have a hard time conveying their designs to clients.

CADLearning Expert Solution: Combine the production capabilities of Civil 3D with the impressive presentation tools of InfraWorks 360

InfraWorks 360 is a planning and analysis tool. The program allows you to plan for different project scenarios and calculate varying cost differences based on those scenarios, all in half the time it would take in, say, Civil 3D.

On top of that, the results are shown in 3D using real-world imagery and topology. This is a huge selling point, as clients love to see their projects in a real-world scenario, more so than in just a sketch created and colored by a graphic artist, or a 2D plan set produced from AutoCAD or Civil 3D.

Stunning graphics

I cannot emphasize enough how the stunning graphics become your best selling points when you use InfraWorks 360 as your presentation tool in the boardroom or conference room.

Imagine walking into the conference room, your client is seated and waiting to see what your firm has come up with for their design, you turn on the projector, and instantly their project is displayed in 3D with imagery in InfraWorks 360. Trust me, it’s impressive.

From there, you smoothly and quickly transition between the various proposals or possible ideas for their project. And, once the client sees them, they want to see even more. Then, the client asks you to adjust this or change that, and in less than two minutes, you’ve made those changes. I mean, just… Wow!

That has been everything I have heard from my own clients and from others as they talk about their own experiences. Honestly, for me, the biggest advantage in using InfraWorks 360 is its 3D presentation capabilities.

- Heidi Boutwell, Infrastructure Content Manager

CADLearning Playlist of the Week: Create stunning presentations in InfraWorks 360.

  1. Exporting Data to InfraWorks and InfraWorks 360
  2. Understanding Importing Data
  3. Understanding Data Sharing and Presentations
  4. Creating a Storyboard
  5. Making a Panorama View for the Web

Did you know?

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