Smarter Drawings, New Dimensions, and 3D Modeling – Vote for These AU 2017 AutoCAD Courses!

Autodesk University is looking for your help picking classes for Las Vegas.

In a program as robust as AutoCAD, there is always something new to learn! Our CADLearning subject matter experts help you dig into the program with this year’s AU proposals, including:


Smarter Drawings: Intelligent AutoCAD Model Documentation Made Easy

To learn how to produce 2D drawings after you have created a 3D model, vote for this class.

In Smarter Drawings: Intelligent AutoCAD Model Documentation Made Easy, you will learn how to use AutoCAD’s model documentation tools to create annotated orthographic, section, cutaway, and detail views; control their scale and appearance; and ensure that views and annotations update properly if the 3D model changes. We will work with 3D models created in AutoCAD, Inventor, and other CAD programs, and see first-hand how to solve problems such as disassociated annotations. You will also learn how to create multi-sheet drawings by documenting multi-part assemblies. This class will help you develop best practices and time-saving techniques to leverage the power of AutoCAD’s model documentation tools to create smarter 2D drawings.

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Taking AutoCAD to a New Dimension

If you want to improve your AutoCAD dimensioning capabilities, be sure to vote for this class.

We have been dimensioning the same way in AutoCAD for what seems like 100 years. Now you can finally reduce steps and accelerate your dimensioning with AutoCAD’s new and improved dimensioning tools. Instead of using different commands to create different types of dimensions, you will learn how the multi-purpose DIM command anticipates the type of dimensions you want to create, eliminating steps and making you more productive than ever before. Discover how to create associative centerlines and center marks that automatically place dimensions on the proper layer. As Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

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3D Modeling in AutoCAD

To find out how to Leverage your knowledge of 2D to create three-dimensional models entirely in AutoCAD, give this class a thumbs-up.
In this class, you will learn how to take your ideas from concept to completion by creating and editing solid objects; create smooth, free-form shapes using meshing tools; and leverage the power of surface modeling. We will look at the differences between history- and non-history-based solids and see how models can automatically update when you modify underlying curves or parameters. You will also learn how to control selection and editing with sub-object selection filters, as well as glean valuable tips and tricks for navigating and visualizing your AutoCAD 3D models. If you thought 3D in AutoCAD was just too hard, think again.

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Picture This: Photorealistic Rendering Techniques in AutoCAD

Do you want to create professional-looking renderings? Learn how to convert your 3D AutoCAD models into finished, photorealistic renderings using tools already built into AutoCAD by voting for this class.

In this class, you will learn how to use AutoCAD’s lighting, material, and rendering tools to place and control lights, add and adjust materials and textures, and control the surrounding model environment to produce eye-catching images. We will also see how to take real-world objects and quickly create custom materials, and produce reusable models of light fixtures that behave like real-world lights. You will also see how to leverage the Autodesk A360 cloud-based rendering service to create beautiful renderings quickly and easily, and even produce rendered animations entirely inside AutoCAD.

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